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Mother of the Bride

Finding the perfect off the peg outfit that suits the occasion can be tricky so we offer the same personalised design process for mothers of the bride/groom. We will create pieces that flatter your shape and are appropriate for your age and style, helping you to relax and enjoy the day.
It’s important for us to spend a little time getting to know you, finding out about the wedding itself and if there is a particular colour you enjoy wearing that will flatter the overall theme and compliment your daughter/son’s wedding dress or kilt/suit.

We will offer a service that fits into your busy schedule, so approximately three meetings/fittings just weeks or a few months before the wedding day will be enough time for us to create the perfect outfit that we know you will feel comfortable wearing and be happy having your photo taken in.

Just see what other mothers of the bride/groom have said about our award winning service:

"Hi Mette and just a few lines to say thanks to you and your fabulous team for coming up with the perfect dress for my son's wedding. I found it difficult to put my ideas into words, but you encapsulated everything
  into one super frock - and the colour of the silk was stunning. Numerous people commented on the fact the 'moss' green dress shone 'gold' in the sunshine!

I was new to the process of bespoke dress design, but any initial qualms I had were quickly assuaged by your friendly, thoughtful approach and your attention to detail. Any concerns I'd had, dissipated and the visits to your store became thoroughly enjoyable, as I was the focus of attention - something new to me in my busy life juggling work, home and family. I felt very much 'looked after' and a little bit of pampering does everyone good!
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends. I would go further and suggest all 'mothers' who will be taking their place at a top table ought to have a bespoke outfit made - no chance, then, of bumping into someone else wearing the same outfit!

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you in the future when my other sons decide to get married - or perhaps I'll treat myself to a special frock for a function!"

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