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Soft 3D layered lace, gorgeousness and Sindy dolls

Bridget called us up after her engagement and early planning of her wedding. She had been to look at dresses, but she felt the wedding dress market didn’t in any way cater for what she had in mind. We had a chat on the phone and i met up with Bridget, i so really liked her style, and felt on wave length very quickly. i sent a few different designs to Bridget, they were in fact in quite different directions. Some was a bit slightly industrial or geometric in their style but as it developed it ended a up a…

Romantic Garden Wedding in Fife

Louise, came to see me 8 months before her wedding. She had tried lots and lots of dresses on in shops, and lots of them she liked or liked bits of, but none of them gave her the woauh factor she wanted. We talked through the things she really liked and the things she really didn’t like in a dress. I then came up with some designs, she picked designs which were a mix of the different styles i had drawn up. She went for the dress to be made in 3 different fabrics, this allowed us to add a…

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