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3 different cut blue bridesmaids dresses

Sara’s sister had her wedding dress from us a few years ago, so we were delighted to be asked to make her bridesmaids dresses for her wedding in Carberry Tower. Sara’s 3 bridesmaids were very different body shapes and colouring, so Sara decided to go for the same colour and fabric for all 3 of them, and then they chose their own styles. We the end result was great, sometimes people just look more different when you try too hard to get them to look the same. Shona went for a short, boned, strapless, circle skirt dress with sweetheart neckline…

Pure white wedding dress for the Scottish Highlands

When Penny first came to see us, she had different ideas we explored, a couple of things she was really certain she of was that she wanted no glitzy accessories on the dress, and that she wanted folds in some shape or form. She decided to go for the silk satin chiffon, the fabric is soft enough to drape and create a cowl neck effect, it is a really soft fabric, but it still has enough body that it didn’t appear limp or floppy in the folds. She chose the colour to be white. Only very few girls can wear…

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