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Green Spring Silk Lace Wedding Dress

What an excitement to get asked to make this green silk lace wedding dress for Maxine. Green silk and lace Wedding Dress When she came to see me she pretty much had her whole wedding organised, apart from her dress. Maxine had a vision in green, but nothing set in stone. She wanted colour texture and not the usual wedding dress, she wanted to be able to dance and move and and feel fab and flatter her shape. So with all of that taken into account, we looked at a lot of materials and green colours and vintage style laces….

Simple Silk Crepe Wedding Dress and Jacket

Simple silk Crepe Wedding Dress and jacket was the brief from Sophie. At our first meeting Sophie had a really good idea what she would like, so together we developed the ideas and chose the silk crepe for the simple dress and jacket. The silk had a sand-washed finished, so it was so soft, it felt like a peach. Sophie then chose a lace for the back detail of the dress. Because the dress was so simple it was important with beautiful details such as little buttons down the back and on the sleeves. We knew she needed some kind…

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