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Sunday afternoon Photoshoot

Sunday afternoon Photoshoot came about at really short notice. We are all super busy people. Sunday afternoon is precious. But sometimes, we decide to play. This was such a day. Duncan Holmes Photography came to Edinburgh and hired out the Meow Photography studios. Lynne was modeling for us and Sarah Ann Mitchell did hair and makeup. We had just a few days before made 2 new dresses for our collection, it was nice to see them on a body. The first dress is a silk burn-out, or also called a devore. I love that, but it has not been much on…

Zibeline dress and cape

Zibeline dress in pure silk and a faux fur cape for a sunny winter wedding. We loved working with Rebecca and her Mum Helen. From very early on, we understood Rebecca’s wish for a beautiful, understated, bespoke wedding dress.  The result speaks for itself the pure silk zibeline makes a stunning dress. Rebecca who spends her time running for Scotland was a joy to dress. The neckline, narrow waist and full skirt make her look amazing on her big day. Rebecca was so lucky to wear her mum’s veil. The Ceremony was in St Margarets RC Memorial Church in Dunfermline….

Wedding at Newhall Estate

Wedding dress for Wedding at Newhall Estate When Charlotte asked us to make her wedding dress, it was equally scary and exciting. We had recently made wedding dresses to 2 of her best friends, and the pressure was on. We wanted to make something for her, which was equally amazing and very different from the 2 girlfriends dresses. More pressure was applied as Jak, Charlotte’s fiance is a wedding professional and with his family runs the Newhall Estate. We love that place! We feel honored for invitations in the past to do a photoshoot in the lovely grounds. That Dress!…

Photoshoot in Beautiful Destillery

Photoshoot in Beautiful Distillery.  What a treat! We Fell In love blog had an invitation from Lindores Distillery: “Come and use our Beautiful Distillery, for a styled Photoshoot” And so we did! it was so exciting to meet with a whole bunch of Wedding Professionals. Lovely to see how we all worked together. We had 2 models, Mercedes, who we have had the absolute pleasure of working with previously. And Mary Jane who looked amazing too. The 2 girls were so professional and looked amazing despite such difficult conditions, it was FREEZING!! Karen Bowen, whose work I absolutely adore and…

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