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Wedding in Tivoli Copenhagen

1950es style dress

Wedding in Tivoli Copenhagen A dream come true for me when we got to make Rachel’s bespoke wedding dress. The bride and groom love Denmark and Copenhagen, so the wedding was planned to be held in Tivoli Gardens.  Rachel had no idea I am Danish, and in love with Tivoli Gardens. Too many coincidences… and it felt just right we should make Rachels dress. The dress was to be inspired by the 1950es style wedding dress. I am a total fan of Dior’s New Look and that whole era, so I was very excited about it all. Rachel chose a…

Pink Wedding Dress for Florence

Pink Wedding Dress Pink, Weddings and Florence, I think they are 3 of my favourite things! So an initial visit from Gillian, telling us about plans of a beautifully intimate wedding in Florence with a Pink very lightweight dress to wear in the heat, we were in heaven. Gillian had me in stitches immediately, her boss had sent her to see me. Gillian and Steve had the whole wedding planned apart from the dress. Gillian’s colleagues had had enough of listening to her about this missing dress. We were so happy to offer our help to Gillian. We really enjoyed…

Fuschia, Pink, White Wedding Dress

pink w

Fuschia, Pink, White Wedding Dress Kacii wanted a dress with pinks and whites, sparkles and bows. We delivered! Making a dress like this is a bit of a challenge. It started off as a fishtail dress silhouette, made from a boned and structured polyester Duchesse satin dress. Once we had the shape perfected we started adding all the tulle pieces. I have no idea how many pieces we made but in the region of 30 meters of 1.5-meter wide tulle in the 3 colours Fuschia, pink and white,  cut into pieces was added to the skirt in the 3 colours….

Waterfall Wedding Dress

Waterfall Wedding Dress, in the making. Carol sharing what great times she and her husband-to-be had enjoyed in Norway. The engagement even happened at Kjossfossen Waterfall. They share a love of the Fjords and the water in all its aspects. Carol wanted me to incorporate this in her bespoke Waterfall Wedding dress. This is exciting! Choosing the soft pale blue-green silk became the base of the dress. Then sequined and silk embroidered tulle overlay was picked for the overlay of the bodice. Then fine pure silk chiffon with cascades overlaying the skirt. And a deep deep fake cowl neck at…

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