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Buying your wedding dress

Buying your wedding dress I met a woman a couple of weeks ago, out with work, she had just got married. When she heard I worked with weddings, she was so excited to share all her stories from her wedding planning. Stories from her big day and the Honeymoon. Full of enthusiasm she told me all the details she had worked on and planned for months, nothing left to coincidence. But then, she started to talk about her dress. and a shadow went over her face. She had gone for a really high-end dress, and the Bridal shop only got…

Ballerina length wedding dress

Ballerina length was the perfect length for Rachel’s wedding dress.  She picked three different qualities of silk for her bespoke wedding dress. She chooses a lovely taffeta for the bodice and skirt. The skirt is made with a silk organza overlay on the skirt. Then with a silk satin belt on the waist. The skirt is cut as a full circle so we have lots and lots of silk in the skirt to give the lightness and the movement that makes the dress so crips and elegant. Rachel loves colors,  she decided to pick flowers from an autumnal garden with…

African Inspired Wedding Dress

Wedding dress inspired by Africa Africa is Alex’s passion, so much so, she has set up a business arranging luxury travels to Africa called Extraordinary Africa.  She is a busy girl but still arranged a beautiful wedding at her parent’s farm in Northamptonshire. When Alex first came to us she told us the very happy news that she was in the early stages of pregnancy. We made a plan for her dress, choosing style fabrics and details. We then did a calico fitting and then we put the dress to the side for a few months. When there were only…

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