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February Wedding with 2 looks

Meeting Rosie was a joy. She loved her mum’s dressmaking and had lots of dresses individually made to her by her mum. Rosie loves bows, flowers, and full skirts…. so many lovely things to work with for us. All for a February wedding with 2 looks. We based her dress in a short dress from our collection. Rosie wanted a short dress, but to be fair, it grew a bit longer in the process. Then She LOVED the Rose Top from our collection. Which seemed like it was no coincidence with that name. We made a few changes so that…

Face Masks for Pandemic

Face masks for Pandemic, was certainly not my business plan When I set up my business, making face masks for a Pandemic was certainly not something I considered. I wanted to make ladies wear in tweed and leather. I then started to get enquiries for wedding dresses, and the rest is history. But now the last 6 weeks, the world has turned into a very different place. I was asked to design a prototype of a facemask. Like most of you, I always thought they were just silly. But I started looking into it. I started refining the design with…

Lockdown Wedding

Lockdown wedding So many of you have asked how all my amazing brides have coped with the lockdown. Well here is Mairi, her wedding was planned to take place that weekend when the whole country shut down. The week before they made a lot of changes to the wedding plans, including cancelling the large reception they had planed for many months. The couple had decided to still go ahead with the ceremony. Only the day before the church they belong to contacted them to say, they were worried about the safety. Then the church suggested to do the ceremony in…

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