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Seafront Wedding at Ravensheugh Log Cabin

blue silk jersey wedding dress

After already spending a large portion of their lives together, Lucy and her husband-to-be decided to have a seafront wedding at Ravensheugh Log Cabin in East Lothian. The sea-front venue, actually holds a special place in the couples heart as for a longtime it has been their favourite location for walking their dogs. The sentimental choice of location made for a beautiful, memorable day overlooking the ocean. Indeed, a day that they will remember forever. The couple chose to make the day a special one, surrounded by friends and family. In addition, they even chose to have one of the…

Our Wedding Dress Checklist

White Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is a big day. Arguably the biggest day of your life. Therefore you may wish it to be perfect. One tedious aspect of your day is what you are going to wear down the aisle. Picking your wedding dress can be a long process full of uncertainty. However, when you’ve finally found that perfect outfit there are a few different things you should take it to consideration. I’m sure we all have our own wedding dress checklist for the day. No one wants to be falling all over the place on the dance floor because your shoes…

Pre-Lockdown Photoshoot

With there being so much uncertainty following many of the weddings we had planned we have found ourselves with a bit of free time we wouldn’t normally have. Although daunting at first, the slow down of pace allowed us to work closer with fellow creatives in our field. A pre-lockdown photoshoot helped us do this. We absolutely love an opportunity to be creative with fellow colleagues.¬† It’s hard to find time in a busy diary to play and do new things, and explore. Therefore, we jumped at the opportunity. Taking full advantage we decided to work alongside the amazing photographer…

Micro Wedding at Windsor Great Hall

Micro Wedding at Windsor Great Hall

Our Bride Anna definitely had a lot of uncertainty with her wedding date. Anna and her fiance David had their wedding date changed a total of 5 times. This was due to both coronavirus and visa restrictions as the couple was moving from America to Scotland. The wedding took the form of a micro wedding at Windsor Great Hall on November 21st. Although not how they originally though their wedding day would be, the day was still as special as ever. A chandelier on loan from the Queen and official portraits of monarchs decorated the venue. This was enough to…

Micro Wedding at Oran Mor

Micro Wedding at Oran Mor

Micro Wedding at Oran Mor Jasmine, like many other brides had to alter her plans in accordance with the lockdown. Due to guidelines Jasmine couldn’t have the wedding she originally had planned. But eager to marry, herself and her groom decided to downsize to a Micro Wedding at Oran Mor. A change of plans doesn’t mean Jasmine and her husband to be, David didn’t make the most of the event. On the 21st of October they surrounded themselves with 20 of their closest friends and family. In accordance to guidelines Jasmine and her bridal party had to do their own…

Coloured Wedding Dresses

Green Wedding Dress

The History of the Wedding Dress Why do we wear white? Why not coloured wedding dresses? Many girls grow up dreaming of the day they will walk down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding dress. However, many people are oblivious to how wearing white came into fashion. It was not always common for brides to purchase new dresses for walking down the aisle.¬†Instead, brides would often wear the finest dress they owned no matter the colour or style. This meant many poorer brides wore their church dresses.¬† This would include black and dark blue hues due to its pure…

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