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Myanmar inspired wedding dress

Myanmar inspired wedding dress

Such an exciting wedding dress to make, as Nuam is from Myanmar and wanted to incorporate the traditional elements of the national costume the “longyi” but also have a traditional “western” wedding outfit. I absolutely love the final look of it. She suits it so well. So we made the “longyi” skirt which is like a wrap-around skirt. We made it in the heavy Mikado fabric. We also made a boned bodice in the same fabric, to go over the top. Then we spent quite a bit of time choosing the embellishments. Nuam went for lovely guipure lace motifs down…

Gorgeous Crepe Wedding Dress

That gorgeous crepe wedding dress Hilary was the loveliest bride to deal with. She came to me with a rough sketch of the wedding dress she had made herself. She had not tried any dresses on and didn’t really fancy going through all that. We went through a lot of details about the design, the fastening and the cut and the details. She would really like a very minimalist outfit. I love minimalist so much. But the challenge is to get enough detail that it looks interesting and special, I felt we absolutely managed to do that on Hilary’s dress….

Sequins and Stunning lace

Sequins and stunning lace and beautiful headdress… so proud, I felt it all came together perfectly. So lovely that Moira had heard about Freja from a few different people and she came in to talk about her wedding dress. She had some ideas and I pointed her towards this beautiful sophisticated lace. The lace is a contemporary design with a scallop leafy design and shimmering sequins. The lace is made with a textured thread that looks like linen and gives it lots of character. The Dress also had a deep cowl neck collar on the back. It was made in…

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