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4th time lucky Wedding

4th time lucky Wedding

– seems to be the rule for Johanna and her husband.

They organised their wedding 4 times over, each time disappointed that covid restrictions came in the way. But in the end, they got the absolutely perfect day. Absolutely worth all the hassle. They decided what was important for them and it was to have a beautiful day in company with close friends and family. This was exactly what they had.

The venue was the Ballintaggart farm in Perthshire. The lovely farm known for beautiful food and views was the perfect venue. Scotland showed the best weather ever and the day was just beautiful.

We loved making Johanna’s bespoke wedding dress. We made it in this stunning pure silk crepe. The silk crepe had a sand-washed feel. It makes the fabric feel like a peach and was so soft to touch. The drape on that silk is so luxurious.

The dress is very simple and beautiful with a V-neck front and back and buttons and loops on the back and a full circle skirt.

Johanna had chosen the most amazing Manola Blanik shoes in a dark indigo colour. Such a sophisticated choice.

Narcissus flowers got Johanna’s idea of the country style vibes just right and made the most amazing flowers that felt like they were from times gone by.

Claire Fleck Photography documented the day beautifully, her style really suited the stunning Farrow & Ball colour palette of the stunning Ballintaggart Farm.

I am just so happy to see the photos, and 4th-time lucky wedding seems to be a thing at the moment. The wedding in the Scottish countryside on one of the best days of the year was just perfect.


silk crepe wedding dress

back view silk crepe wedding dress

Walk the summer Aisle 4th time lucky summer wedding

4th time lucky summer wedding

outdoors wedding ceremony

outdoors wedding ceremony hug

outdoors wedding ceremony classic car

classic car at wedding table setting 4th time lucky summer wedding

table setting 4th time lucky summer wedding

Scottish summer wedding

brides speech

summer wedding in Scotland

Outdoors wedding in Scotland

relaxed wedding portrait

scottish outdoor wedding portrait


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