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February Wedding with 2 looks

Meeting Rosie was a joy. She loved her mum’s dressmaking and had lots of dresses individually made to her by her mum. Rosie loves bows, flowers, and full skirts…. so many lovely things to work with for us. All for a February wedding with 2 looks.

We based her dress in a short dress from our collection. Rosie wanted a short dress, but to be fair, it grew a bit longer in the process. Then She LOVED the Rose Top from our collection. Which seemed like it was no coincidence with that name.

We made a few changes so that Rosie could wear the dress and top with a wide belt with a big bow at the back. AND the dress with no top for the dancing, but with big bow and sashes at the back.

We love the finished outfit, we love photographs and mainly because we can see what fun she has in the dress and how she loves her big day.

This was one of our last weddings before the lockdown, so enjoy the pictures.  The world seems so different now, but we will be back with beautiful weddings, I am sure of it.

The wedding was held at The Braid Hotel wow those views!! Emma Motion did Rosie’s Makeup, The photos were taken by JHY Photography.


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Signet Ring UK
1 year ago

WOW… Gorgeous looks! I love the entire outfits. Dress look so good on you. I cant wait to try these dresses in my wedding. Thanks and keep sharing.

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