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Lockdown Wedding

Lockdown wedding

So many of you have asked how all my amazing brides have coped with the lockdown.

Well here is Mairi, her wedding was planned to take place that weekend when the whole country shut down. The week before they made a lot of changes to the wedding plans, including cancelling the large reception they had planed for many months.

The couple had decided to still go ahead with the ceremony. Only the day before the church they belong to contacted them to say, they were worried about the safety. Then the church suggested to do the ceremony in the garden. Their friends at the church all turned up in the garden and did all the hard work so it was looking perfect for the ceremony later that day. Only the closest of people were allowed to attend.

You can see from the photographs that despite the change of plans, they had the most perfect day for their lockdown wedding. Their big reception will happen on the first anniversary.
We made Mairi’s fab Polka dot dress and her sister Catriona, was her bridesmaid. We made her a teal silk dress.

here is a little film from the ceremony fa523fea-8da2-43cc-9ddd-484eea6e33e2

lockdown wedding polka dot tulle wedding dress lockdown wedding bridesmaids dress




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