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Beautiful bohemian style wedding

Julia’s beautiful wedding took place in Kilver Court Gardens in Somerset. She was inspired by the idea of a bohemian wedding, with nothing too commercialised. Here are a few words from Julia about her wedding day:

“I was attracted by the idea of a rustic bohemian wedding with nothing too commercialised. It had to be down to earth and incorporating the things I love; poetry, nature and my love of my family and my Somerset roots. As I wanted the whole day to be personal, small and from the heart, a lot was homemade. My whole family helped which made it feel like something we could all be part of.”

“I brought with me a little sketch and Mette transformed it into reality; it was everything I hoped for and more. I loved the fact that no-one in the world has the same dress as me. I wanted something elegant, beautiful and the excitement of not really knowing what the dress would be like- only going on a sketch and a dream made it even more exciting, but I fully trusted Mette and knew she could create what I wanted.”

“We chose Kilver Court Gardens because we wanted somewhere where we could get married outside in beautiful gardens and have exclusive access for the day. I didn’t want there to be loads of other brides there nor did I want a typical wedding venue- it had to be something more organic and affordable. The reception was held afterwards at The Talbot Inn and we chose this place for its rustic yet modern charm and its amazing food and cider.”

Photographs courtesy of Boy Called Ben Photography, and we thank him for letting us use these wonderful pictures.


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