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You have been cordially invited to Royal Ascot…

This year exciting things are up and coming, one of them is being kindly invited to go to the Royal Ascot and into the Royal Enclosure at this years event.

Ascot is the biggest event held in Britain’s sporting and social calendar at the racecourse in Berkshire, a very formal occasion and as with such a big event comes a strict dress code for those attending to follow.

Every year there is a lot of attention with people curious to what people are wearing, especially the must have hats.
Being such a huge event and with such a strict dress code, those attending are recommended to look over the guidelines via the official website  The Royal Ascot Style Guide

Though the dress code applies to everyone and anyone attending, especially the ladies are asked to dress in the following manner.

-skirts and dresses of modest length (falling below the knee)
-Hats are mandatory or head piece being at least four inches for the base, no fascinators

Do not
-show midriff
-have straps thinner than the suitable 1 inch
-dresses or skirts above the knee

By not following these rules within the Royal Enclosure, you will be escorted out and expelled from the event. Outside of the enclosure, the rules still abide though are not as strict but failure to comply, be sure to get a few looks up and down.

For the special event I will be designing my own dress and getting it made in orchard pink guipore lace from the incredible fabric company Joel and Son Fabrics
Backing the lace will be a pale pink chiffon.

I have decided to go for a dress rather than a suit in this bright colour and material in hope to speed up the Summer season.

Process of making the dress followed that as with clients:
– First I made a sketch of the dress I would like, measurements
– Second, I selected the fabric from Joel and Son Fabrics
– Fabric fitting
– Finalising of neckline, sleeve and hem length and all the hand work attaching the lace by hand

To top it off, I am extremely lucky getting an individual hat made for me by friend and expert milliner Alex Muir.

There is a lot of prep but I am incredibly excited for this extraordinary event and I’ll be sure to share the pictures with you all so keep an eye out!

The whole day was amazing, the whole place was amazing, the crowd and the Royal arrival an absolute magnificent sight. Ohh and the horses… beautiful creatures. It was such a wonderful day i will carry it in my memory forever.

Queen arriving in horse and carriage in her royal blue coat and turquoise hat with flower. As my London hair dresser said: “that’s SUCH a Queeney thing to do”

Alex Muir and I with my gorgeous hat i LOVE


Me with dress in full length with scallop edging on neck, sleeves and hem


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