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We make a lot of bridesmaids dresses, and this year we have been working on a few weddings with very pale colours, neutrals, nudes and pale pinks.
Gone are the day days where the bridesmaids are just told to have to turn up wearing a specific colour and style. Usually we have an initial meeting with the bride, and if the bridesmaids can come that is great, i try to take ideas from everyone involved on board, as it is important everyone feels happy with the result.
I create several designs and fabric combinations, and it then gets approved before we start making the dresses.
We have so much choice, in fabrics and colours and style, that you can have exactly what you like.
We often have groups of bridesmaids with specific requirements, such as pregnent bridesmaids, younger teenagers to match the adult bridesmaids, but with a style which is appropriate for their age, and also flowergirls.. We also sometimes make a dress for doll or teddy to match for the younger ones. Often we make the bridesmaids dresses in very short time, if the bridesmaids lives abroad, and only arrive days before the wedding.
Here are a couple of examples from this season.

Photograph by: Kieran Dodds
Photograph by: Kieran Dodds
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