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Learn to Dress-Make with Freja Designer Dressmaking

Make your own capsule wardrobe.

Would you like to learn how to dress for your body type, develop your personal style, how to take your own measurements and get set up to get started in dressmaking?

You will get the answers in this one off short course. It contains pre-recorded tutorials and you can listen whenever it suits you.

Do you want to try dressmaking but want to make sure it’s for you? 

The following questions may help you to find your answer:

Is it hard for you to find items that suit your personal style and lifestyle? 

Have you been to shops or ordered endless garments online and not found anything you like? 

Would you like clothes that flatter your shape? 

Garments made in colours and fabrics you like? 

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions & you are fed up with buying stuff that doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle, body shape or taste, then our course can help you start your dressmaking process. 

Courses we have created to help you start your dressmaking journey: 

Mini Course (£15)

Within this course are pre-recorded tutorials to help you to get started with dressmaking. The contents include: 

  • How to dress for your body type 
  • How to develop your personal style.  
  • How to take your own measurements. 
  • What tools and equipment you need to get started 
  • What to look for in a sewing machine and how to maintain it. 

Sign-up now for the one off mini course here

Monthly Subscription Online Course (£28 per Month)

If you tried the course and have developed a stronger interest in dressmaking, then join our monthly course to build your very own capsule wardrobe.

I have designed this membership where each month you get a pack in the post from us. Each month the pack will include: 

  • A paper pattern for this month’s garment. 
  • A label to add to your garment. 
  • Materials and instructions for a small craft project. 

With your membership, you will also get:

    • Pre-recorded video instructions, this includes:
    • Video instructions on how to adapt pattern to you. 
    • Video instructions on how to do fittings and adjustments. 
    • Video instructions how to cut and sew this month garment 
    • Style advice on how you can adapt it to your body shape. 
    • Video information on choice of materials to use.  
    • Weekly live Q & A sessions on Zoom (available to watch after) 

You will receive a Free Bonus Checklist and Sewing Planner to get started in Dressmaking.

The cost is £28 per month for the Monthly Subscription Course. This is the launch price and you will stay on this price if you subscribe, but this is likely to go up as we get going.

If you live outside of the UK, we also offer the same course for international members at £39 per month, to help cover the increased postage costs of your monthly pack. If you’re interested, click here to subscribe (for non-UK members only!).

If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can also check out our frequently asked questions page.

Read our Membership T&Cs here.

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About Mette Baillie

Mette Baillie is a couture designer from Denmark. She set up Freja Designer Dressmaking in the Centre of Edinburgh in 1999. She has made wedding dresses and event wear and couture dresses ever since and won multiple awards. She has helped thousands of women gain confidence and style through designing them beautiful clothes to make them look and feel amazing. She is now ready to share her knowledge in an online dressmaking course.

What members on the course have said:

Clarissa Taylor-BellMette is so full of enthusiasm, positivity and support in sharing her extensive knowledge which is like a spark setting off fantastic day dreams of unique garments yet to be made!

Fiona HulbertYour course has brought me so much joy. Your attention to personalisation for individual shapes and sizes makes the process very enjoyable and achievable. I love all the recommendations for fabric and sources, being able to find them on line has made this course completely accessible for me. I have really enjoyed the Tuesday meeting where you share your amazing creative approach to dressmaking and I have already learnt so much. The Bonus craft projects are such fun.

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