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Bespoke vs Traditional Bridal

bridal jumpsuit with detachable skirt

Bespoke vs Traditional Bridal Ready Made Bridal-wear? What’s the difference? We see many brides through our studio/shop every week. Many of them have explored the idea of a traditional bridal shop and bespoke experiences. Traditional or ‘ready to wear’ Bridal is simply as the second term suggests. A dress already designed and made (minus alterations) could be taken away and worn that day. This is a great concept and many people find success. However, they aren’t always size-inclusive or as customisable as people are looking for. Bespoke dressmaking is a process that involves lots of design, input, and fittings to…

How do i shorten my jeans?

how do i shorten my jeans

How do I shorten my jeans? What do I need? You will need a sewing machine, an iron and ironing board, pins, and scissors to finish the hem. I recommend a denim needle, preferably size 90, for your sewing machine. You will also need a thread. I would get one thread in the colour of jeans, say dark navy or whatever colour you have. I also will have a thread in the colour of the stitching. Usually, it’s a brass or yellow colour. On jeans, the decorative seams are often done in a thick thread. You may be able to…

Two Brides = Double the Fun

2 brides - one in bespoke suit, one in bespoke wedding dress

One bride is brilliant but two brides are a dream! We LOVE making outfits for the happy couple. Kara and Laura came to me, both with completely opposite ideas that complimented their personal styles. Kara opted for an ivory dress made in satin and organza. The satin bodice was topped with a mesh bolero style overlay with lace details. The organza skirt was full of layers so it flowed effortlessly. We added a bustle so she could sweep the dress up for dancing all night. A classic style that is effortlessly beautiful. Laura chose to go for a suit. We…

Chic Tea Length Bridal Gown

tea length wedding dress

Chic Tea Length Bridal Gown One of our lovely brides has very recently had her wedding. We thought what better opportunity than to write a blog post and share some images. Marina had some very chic ideas in the initial consultation, looking for a tea length gown, with a sheer overlaid top. Her fashion forward style was impeccable so we knew this dress was going to be a winner! We love when brides go for shorter dresses, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase spectacular shoes. It’s also a great idea if you don’t want to have a large train or…

Foundation Garments

sparkly dress with cape detail

Foundation garments – shapewear, bra and knickers, what should I wear under my wedding dress?  Ladies!! Foundation garments are a hugely overlooked part of your wedding preparation! Boom! I said it.  Ok, I know I am a professional and I work with this kind of thing every day. But honestly the preparations which goes into your wedding dress shopping, to not consider what you will wear under, is a very big mistake. Foundation garments do what they say, they are the foundation of your outfit. I would like you to consider this issue when you try on dresses, and before…

Mother of the Bride/Groom Services

Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses are notorious for being over the top or looking really old and frumpy. We are here to show you that they most certainly aren’t. A lot of retailers struggle when creating a Mother of the Bride/Groom specific range. This is because anything can really come under that category. It is hard to pinpoint a specific style the way you do with bridal looks. However, like brides, mums range from all different ages so it can be very difficult to create a range that suits all ages. Most of our mums come to us because they…

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

pink silky dress

Have you ever thought about building a capsule wardrobe but didn’t know where to start? What is a Capsule Wardrobe… Some people may not be familiar with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. It is so simple yet effective. It consists of a series of garments that can all be mixed and matched to create hundreds of looks. Trousers, tops, dresses, cardigans that can all be interchanged with one another to create beautiful new outfit combinations. This concept has been around for a years, even just subtly. The little black dress for instance, a capsule wardrobe staple. You can’t go…

Suits for Weddings

green velvet bridal suit

Suits for Weddings is something we adore. Some brides (much like our jumpsuit brides) feel more comfortable and like themselves in a suit/two piece. Fabrics We have done many gorgeous wedding suits. We especially like working in bold or luxurious fabrics like tartan and velvet. There is nothing better than a statement power suit, especially on your wedding day. Whether you go for mixed patterns or textures, an array of colour or just one your suit is going to look amazing. As we are a fully bespoke service the possibilities are endless. Accessorizing Some people like to go for the…

Dresses for Flower Girls

Many of you may not know that we also make dresses for Flower Girls. We have done throughout the past 10 years or so. Not everyone has flower girls at their weddings now so the service isn’t always required. We think it is so lovely when they do have them though. The Dresses Typically people go for the ‘wedding colours’ in the flower girl dresses or match them in with the bridal party. You can do whatever you want for a flower girl dress, it will always look sweet. We’ve done bridal mini me’s, dresses with colourful ribbons and embellishments….

Jumpsuit Brides

Who said brides had to wear dresses. Jumpsuit Brides are some of our ultimate favourites. The chic spin on your classic bridal look has been so popular this past year, we are obsessed with our brides and can’t wait to see more in 2024. Could a jumpsuit be your ideal bridal look, Style Jumpsuits are definitely not for everyone but they are so effortlessly beautiful when worn right. One thing to think about with the jumpsuit is how the top and bottom go together. Do you want wide leg or cigarette style trousers. Maybe you want a corset bodice with…

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