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Dnipro Children Charity Bags


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The Dnipro Children Charity Bags came about as the children and their stories stole our hearts. The war in Ukraine is upsettitng us all, unbelievable stories and footage, so close to us.

At Freja Designer Dressmaking, we are in the middle of the biggest wedding season ever. Because of all the re-arranged weddings from the covid pandemic. But we couldn’t just watch and not do nothing to help.

We have made these bags, the size is 43  cm wide 45 cm deep (17  by 17 3/4 inch)  they are made in thin Polyester taffeta and have a little sunflower print on the front. They are washable and roll up small, so you can pop them in your handbag or glove box in your car.

Please show support for Ukraine and support Dnipro kids and support local businesses.

All profits go to Dnipro Kids’ appeal.

The cost is £15 including 2nd class postage, but if you are nearby, you are welcome to chose local pick up from the shop.

52 children have arrived in Scotland already, and more children are left behind needing help in Ukraine, and some have been moved to neighboring Poland.

Many people around the Hibs supporters groups have done an incredible job to support the Orphanages from Dnipro. If you have not heard the story, then you can read all about it here.

You might remember, we previously helped Hibernian Community Foundation with donations from our  ( facemasks)

Please help, by buying a Dnipro Children Charity Bags.

Thank you a million times to Carolyn Henry Photography for donating her work. And also to Royal Print, for reducing their fees and doing the print super quick.


Dnipro Children Charity Bags Ukraine Bag Ukraine bag and sunflowers

Dnipro Children Charity Bags

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