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Asymmetric dress for Kiwi Wedding

To have our dresses travelling to far away destinations is always a great excitement for us. Phillippa contacted us to tell us about her wedding she would be having in New Zealand. We knew we had to make her a dress, which would travel well.
Phillippa decided for a pure white 1 shoulder strap dress. It has an internal lace up and covered buttons at the centre back, it looks quite light, but its actually got a fairly “firm” shell to the dress, where we could fix all the folds on to. We had a challenge, as the top layer of fabric is quite fine, and we kept dealing with the issue of transparency. On top of that.. working the fine folds with the grain of the fabric, going in all different directions was a real challenge for us. We really are happy with the final result, and we are hoping to get to do it all again soon… now we know so much more… I think we will be doing lots of similar styles to this in the spring with “woven” detail.
Phillippa achieved a real contemporary feel to her wedding. I love the black and the grey colours for the men, against her dress.






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