Wedding Dresses

Buying your wedding dress

Buying your wedding dress

I met a woman a couple of weeks ago, out with work, she had just got married. When she heard I worked with weddings, she was so excited to share all her stories from her wedding planning. Stories from her big day and the Honeymoon.

Full of enthusiasm she told me all the details she had worked on and planned for months, nothing left to coincidence. But then, she started to talk about her dress. and a shadow went over her face. She had gone for a really high-end dress, and the Bridal shop only got it in for her 6 weeks prior to the wedding…. and… in the wrong colour, and 2 sizes too big. She was distraught. The shop promised to rectify it for her. And they did, (kind of) but the process was stressful and tarnished the busy lead up to the wedding.

Eventually, the correct dress arrived, only it was 30 cm too long. Changing the length so radically on a dress can easily change the style of the dress.

Buying the “Freja Experience”

This should have been a wonderful experience. Buying and receiving the most expensive garment you will ever purchase. That really breaks my heart.

Here is a little explanation on how this would have been very different had this been a “Freja experience”.

As soon as we discuss the style, we will get samples in for you to see the fabric and exact colour. We would then take your measurements and make a “toile” basically a mock-up of your dress, once you have tried that on, we would order all the materials in, photograph them and send them to you so you can see them. We will then either go straight on to making your dress or if you are changing shape or size, we would wait till you were closer to your target. Once you are at your target, we would do the fabric fitting, followed by your final fitting. At your final fitting, we would check your dress over and make sure it fits you 100%. Getting a wedding dress and then be asked to wander off to an independent seamstress to get it altered, is not how we do things.

Buying a supposed to be couture dress in a bridal shop and then be asked to take it elsewhere to make it fit, at your own expense is not how we do things.

Get your dream dress made, which means you get “your dream dress” not what a bridal show wants rid of.  And you get a dress fit for you. We do not charge extra for a rush order (if we have the capacity) The price we quote you is for a finished dress.

Try some multi-award-winning service

We welcome you to book an appointment to come in to see what we can offer you at very competitive conditions.  Proudly we boast we are one of the longest standing bridal shops in Scotland. Freja brides form an exclusive club. Many brides who have been married in Freja dresses over the last 20 years have been in business, we are so proud that many of them stay in touch and are ambassadors for Freja Designer Dressmaking.

Send us a message to hear how we can help:

photoshoot at Dalhousie Castle, photographed by Photography by Duncan Holmes.

buying a wedding dress


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2 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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