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Classic Wedding dress for Glen Tanar wedding

Classic Wedding dress for Glen Tanar Wedding

Caroline has been in my extended circle of friends for as long as I remember. Therefore, it’s as a real honour to be asked to design and make her wedding dress for her.

Caroline wanted a modern take on the Classic Wedding Dress, with a strapless full skirt, so that’s what we made her. The dress is based on a Duchesse satin bodice and a full tulle skirt. The tulle is layered with soft thin tulle on the outside. We then used thicker tulle on the inside, hence to add to the volume. Then close to the body is a fine lining and with a hoop. Hoops have been out of fashion, but I LOVE them. Hoops make the bigger skirts much easier to move in as well as cooler to wear because the hoop takes the skirt away from the legs.

On top of the bodice and fading down over the skirt was embellished embroidered motifs attached by hand.

The wedding dress was finished at the back with a lace-up ribbon.

Caroline and Phil have 2 kids already and they were determined to give them a very happy family day.

With only weeks to go Caroline became very ill and had a very narrow escape from sepsis. Her story and very kind gesture made the national news, check in on this link.

The wedding was held in the stunning Glen Tanar Estate, with the fantastic Hudson Catering, and the photographs were taken by Calum Riddell Photography.

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