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Fashion Show at the Wedding Fayre Edinburgh Botanics


On Sunday the 23rd of September we had the great honour of being invited to the Wedding Fayre at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. We had to entertain the crowds with a fashion show. Well what better way of doing it than asking a couple of our brides from this year to wear their dresses again? They all jumped at the opportunity, even when they were told to be in Hair and Make-up by 8 am Sunday morning.


We had 4 brides there and on top of that Veronica our house model helped us out, she went in and out of the catwalk 4 times what a super achievement to get her changed and ready for each entry.


The Kim McGregor Hair Salon in Stockbridge did a wonderful job with hair and make up, and then Planet Flowers had supplied lovely bouquets for the girls to carry, all the accessories for the show was the brides own.


The wedding fayre was so so busy and we recon watched by over 300 people. We had such a fun time and I can’t begin to thank Veronika, the brides Susi, Anna, Sam and Amy along with Kasia the superfast dresser…thanks also to Kim Mcgregor hair and Planet flowers and all the staff at Botanics for this opportunity. Our lovely junior Tanya Dixon has taken photographs on the day….Enjoy!























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