Wedding Dresses

Gold beaded lace and Paisley patterned lambswool

Kerry contacted us last year. She had had us recommended from a lovely bride we had a few years ago, in fact, this bride was going to be maid of Honor at the wedding.  It is a real honor to be recommended from brides we have worked with years before.

Kerry was so lovely; at her first appointment she brought in a few bits and pieces like her favorite broach a couple of tops and told me a bit about her love of crafts and hand worked details. We loved her ideas about her wedding as well, and how her and her groom and all of the wedding party was to walk from the Stirling Tolbooth to the Albert Hall, where they were to have the reception.  With the date planned for a February wedding… we clearly had no control of the weather, so the outfit was to be up for anything from sunshine to sleet.

I had to chew it over for a few days, I really got on great with Kerry straight away, and felt I really got what she was all about, and I felt I had to mull it over a few days to come up with a few suggestions. And I did, Kerry phoned me on the way home from work that day, and said she had looked at the designs on her phone.. And she could pretty much have every one of them, brilliant!.. That was a good start and a lovely feeling. We talked and emailed a bit more, and then it was all settled and we started on the toile.
Kerry chose a gorgeous ring from Zoe Duthie and enjoyed taking part in chosing designs and materials.
We love the final result, she had a paisley patterned coat, in golden colors, we had good fun matching up the swirly patterns of the paisley pattern in all the seams.

For the dress she chose a golden lace with beading. It was on top of a douppion silk and hand a darker douppion silk on the empire line belt. The neckline and hemline had the beaded scalloped edge.

We love the final result of the whole outfit, and we love even more that the day was dry and Kerry got to walk in Stirling and show off her gorgeous outfit and handsome groom.

Lots of love to you both, it was so enjoyable to work with you and we wish you all the best wishes for the future.

The photographs are kindly supplied by Fred Phillips

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