Wedding Dresses

Guipure lace scroll on silk georgette silk dress

Guipure lace scrolls, on beautiful silk crepe dress, was the brief for what Julia wanted us to make for her wedding. The dress had a lot of hand work on it as we had cut out all the Guipure scrolls and shaped them, then attached them by hand to give the swirly necklines and soft edges.

The bride and groom had a beautiful day at Pollock House  with stunning floral decorations by Planet Flowers

Julia wanted flowers and decorations in soft neutral creams, soft pinks and nude shades. Julia’s 2 nieces also had dresses made, they were in ivory with the coloured sashes and embellishments.

Craig and Eva Sanders Photography took some lovely photographs and we are delighted they let us share it all with you. THANK YOU all to all involved.






















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