Wedding Dresses

Mother of the bride,,, 2nd in command!

We love making mother of the bride and mother and of the groom outfits. In fact we probably do as many as we do wedding dresses. We like to experiment with colours and textures to create a lovely look that goes with the rest of the wedding plans. The choice is endless, we have a lot of stunning outfits on the go at the moment, but here are some we recently made.

Julia has had a few outfits made by us, here she is guest at a wedding and she wears a dress made in metallic lace in Victorian Lilac, backed with silver silk satin. She has a crushed velvet jacket over.
Photo: First Light Weddings


Mother of Bride in pale blue douppion silk jacket and dress, belt and accessories by Rene Walrus , hat is dressed by us.


Mother of the bride in pale silk velvet dress, and lace coat. She had a suit for the daytime, we made her a very glamourous beaded lace coat to add for the evening.
Photo by: First Light Weddings


Mother of groom in coral silk douppion dress and shrimp coloured Matka silk jacket with lapels and cuffs in douppion silk. Hat From Alex Muir.


The Mother of groom is wearing a silk crepe dress with cowl neck and beading. Jacket is a douppion silk with purple shot with green.


This mother of bride is wearing an embroidered douppion silk Jacket with paisley pattern. She has a  plain turquoise dress with it. Her head dress is from Bridget Webster.
Photo by: Rebekah J Murray
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