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Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses are notorious for being over the top or looking really old and frumpy. We are here to show you that they most certainly aren’t.

A lot of retailers struggle when creating a Mother of the Bride/Groom specific range. This is because anything can really come under that category. It is hard to pinpoint a specific style the way you do with bridal looks. However, like brides, mums range from all different ages so it can be very difficult to create a range that suits all ages.

Most of our mums come to us because they have a specific style or shape that they isn’t available in your everyday retail store. We love the ideas they come up with, from large patterns to soft muted colours, figure hugging or floaty silhouettes, they are all suited to the individual.

Some mums want to match the wedding party or wedding colours, some like to go bold. We have a few mums going for abroad weddings who need an outfit that will combat the hot weather (something you don’t tend to find is catered for in Scotland).

Don’t get us wrong, we have do a lot of traditional style mothers in wool crepe dresses with matching jackets. The are all equally as stunning as the rest of our mums. It is all about personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with as an individual.

We adore making matching sets, whether that be two piece skirt/trousers with top or dress and jackets etc.

If this sounds like exactly what you need we would LOVE to meet you.

Our process starts with an initial meeting, you will bring your ideas and we will look at options for fabrics, colours etc. We will sketch up an idea based on your inspiration for you to see. If you decide to go ahead then we take a deposit and get started on the Calico mock-up. This allows you to see the shape and style of the dress on your body without manipulating the final fabric too much. Once you are happy with the calico (and any edits done) we then create the gown in your fabric. You’ll try it on and then any minor tweaks can be made to it. The calico stage helps avoid major tweaks at this point. You will then get a final fabric fitting where you will see the finished garment.

If you are looking for more information on pricing or our process sign up here.

Have a look at some of our beautiful designs we have done so far (and some mum’s wearing them); do any of these gowns look like what you had envisioned for yourself?

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