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Netherbyres House creative shoot

Netherbyres House creative shoot came from a lovely invitation. We had the offer to come and a creative shoot there, while the UK was still in lockdown. Luckily commercial shoots were still allowed to go ahead with all the guidance to be followed.

Because of the limited numbers allowed, I didn’t go on the day to the shoot. I was really (nervous &) excited to see the images, as I had not been part of it. And I absolutely loved how it all looked. Thanks so much to Jasmin Bauer Photography for working really hard pulling it all together styling and photographing all the different parts of the shoot.

And millions of thanks to the lovely owners of Netherbyres House. So kind to let us rummage around, and photograph every corner of their beautiful house.

So brave to have a couple volunteering to get their photographs taken when they are not models. We think they did so well. Alex fitted our dress beautifully. All in all, just fitted the space and the look of the Netherbyres House creative shoot.

The dress is constructed with a heavy crepe fit and flare skirt, a bodice with ruched silk veiling overlayed with embellished lacework. The back is low and has buttons and loops.

The people involved in the shoot are Duchess Seerra with their vintage props and styling.. I mean, that red sofa!! stunning!

Alexndra Bespoke supplied the hair accessories and that gorgeous personalised faux leather jacket.

Stunning floristry was arranged by To a Mountain Daisy.

And lasts the stationary for the table settings was from Emma Lou Stationary.

wedding dress gathered silk veiling


side view crepe skirt and silk bodice

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