Wedding Dresses

New York wedding celebrations

When Hannah came in to discuss her wedding dress, I was not quite prepared for the inspiration she wanted to share with me.

On one of the first dates the couple had, they visited a costume museum, with an an exhibition on dresses from different era’s. They both fell in love with one dress in particular. And Hannah asked us to recreate that for her.

So we went on to sourcing materials and ways of making her dress.


She decided for a french silk chiffon in the colour Wishbone (i love that name) for the main colour and Ultramarine and Sahara for the 2 accent colours.

The dress had a big hoop and sloping hem like the original one at the exhibition.

We loved the unusual look and the big skirt emphasized Hannah’s waist and slim legs.
When the dress was ready the date for the wedding was not yet set. I could not believe the happy coincidence when I ran into Hannah in the airport as she returned from New York, where the bride and groom had gone to celebrate a small and intimate wedding.



I couldn’t have enjoyed working with Hannah more than I did, I am so glad they had the wedding they desired and we are proud to share that with you.


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