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Your wedding day is a big day. Arguably the biggest day of your life. Therefore you may wish it to be perfect. One tedious aspect of your day is what you are going to wear down the aisle. Picking your wedding dress can be a long process full of uncertainty. However, when you’ve finally found that perfect outfit there are a few different things you should take it to consideration. I’m sure we all have our own wedding dress checklist for the day. No one wants to be falling all over the place on the dance floor because your shoes don’t fit properly or wants to be battling with their hair getting caught in their jewellery all day.

Don’t worry if these are things you haven’t yet considered. Because thats what we’re her for.

Here lies our ‘wedding dress checklist’ of things you may not have considered for making your day perfect:

The Dress:

  1. Try your outfit on and look all around using a mirror.

    Once picking up your gown, it is important to try it on alongside the rest of your outfit. Make sure you look at all factors using a mirror to ensure their are no aspects that are out of place and that you can move with ease. In the event something doesn’t feel right or your mobility is not how it should be, you may require a few more alterations.

  2. Are you bustling your train? Does whoever is in charge know what to do?

    Nothing’s going to annoy you more than a train that keeps falling down when you’re trying to dance. It is important you ensure whoever is in charge of this knows exactly what they are doing.

  3. Are you being fastened into your dress?

    Again, does whoever is in charge of this responsibility to know exactly what they are doing. No one wants to end up with their dress falling off of them, or even worse, being stuck in the gown at the end of the night. Make sure you pick the best people for these responsibilities that you know are going to stay around you during the event and wont disappear or get too drunk.

White Wedding DressPhotograph by Jasmin Bauer


  1. Have you picked out your shoes? Can you walk in them? Will they get caught?

    It is important to have your shoes even before your dress to ensure your garment is tailored correctly. It is however just as important to make sure you have enough mobility when wearing them alongside your dress. Ask yourself, is there any chance that your shoes could perhaps get caught on the rest of your dress? It’s best to practice walking in your whole outfit to make sure there are no slip ups on the day.

  2. Do your shoes fit well enough?

    Shoes that aren’t the perfect fit is an easy fix. Insoles or heel grips can be added to your shoes to give you the extra bit of support you might need. Even if you think your shoes are a good fit, it’s important to really consider the possibility of them being sore or slipping around on your feet. It would be recommended to wear your shoes around the house prior to your wedding perhaps with a pair of socks over top to prevent any scuff or scratches. If by doing so you feel your shoes may actually be a little small you can easily wear a pair of thick socks on your feet whilst wearing the shoes in, perhaps running the hair dryer over them. This should allow the shoes to shape to your feet and possibly expand slightly.

  3. Are you going to slip around in them?

    Nothing’s worse than walking onto the dance floor for your first dance and finding out your beautiful new shoes and finding out they’re actually ice-skates. Many new pairs of heels don’t have good grips on the souls to prevent you from participating on dancing on ice. We recommend perhaps scarping the souls of your shoes to minimise the chance of slipping.

    Pink Stiletto heels

    Photography by Rachel Sture Photography


  1. Are you wearing tights or hold ups?

    It is important if you are that you try them on to ensure they fit correctly. It is also even more important that you purchase a spare pair! Nothing is worse than having a run in your tights. Unfortunately they happen so easily. All it takes is for your nails or jewellery to get caught and your tights or hold-ups are ruined. Having a spare pair will save the day. Ensure these are packed away with your things for the day as leaving your spare pair at home would definitely be more annoying than ripping a hole in the first pair.

  2. Have you chosen the right underwear?

    When looking around your outfit as a whole, you may also wish to see if there are any visible lines. Although a small aspect, visible lines, seems or straps can be quite annoying in the years to come when you’re looking over your wedding album and have your dress bunching up around seams or visible bra straps. If you think this may be an issue for you you can seek advice and perhaps purchase a good strapless bra or some seamless underwear.

    Photography by Suzanne Li Photography


  1. Have you chosen your accessories? Will they get caught on your dress or hair?

    Just like with the rest of your outfit, any accessories should be planned in advance taking into consideration the shape of your dress and what hairstyle you are going for. Having a nice necklace and matching earrings to wear on your day can add the finishing touches to an outfit. But it is important to ensure these items aren’t going to cause more trouble that they are worth. Take accessories into careful consideration when planning your outfit ensuring they are well secured and won’t cause you any trouble.

  2. Do you require a jacket/cover-up, bag, gloves etc?

    Are you going for a more modest outfit when at your ceremony? A good way to get the right balance between your reception and wedding outfit could be to wear a matching jacket. This could even be useful for when traveling between venues. This may be something you want to discuss with your dress provider to ensure any cover-up you wear isn’t going to bunch up or cause any unflattering changes to your dress shape. Similarly with jackets, you may wish to discuss with your designer about gloves or bags.

    Anemone hair pins

    Hair Accessories by Rene Walrus


  1. Do you need to style your hair or have it cut a certain way?

    You might want to consider how your hair can be used to compliment both your figure and your dress. If you have a high-neckline you may with to put your hair in an up do to achieve a classic, sophisticated look. Alternatively, you may also wish to consider how your hair works with you accessories. Ensure it won’t get caught or cover up those beautiful earrings you’ve just been gifted.

    Wedding Hairstyle

    Photography by Duncan Holmes


  1. Remove all labels!

    You definitely don’t want to be looking back on your wedding photos to see you’ve got visible labels hanging out. If you want to avoid the heartbreak or extra editing fees I would encourage you to cut off any and all labels. This includes any labels on underwear, shoes and accessories. It is very easy for these things to slip your mind. Especially when swept up in the atmosphere.

  2. This includes hanging loops!

    Another suggestion is that you remove any hanging loops on your wedding dress. Although put on for the purpose of hanging your dress, having them ‘hanging out of your dress’ could definitely be annoying. These straps should be used to hang your dress prior to the day.  This is to prevent any creases. However, after your wedding your dress should be stored in a protective box instead of hanging. Therefore cut them off!!

Wedding Dress Checklist

Photograph by Jasmin Bauer

If you found our wedding dress checklist to be at all helpful, we seriously recommend you download our checklist by signing up here. to make sure you don’t miss anything. If reading through this post you find yourself needing some advice about tackling these tasks please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Remember, this is what we do for a living and we are here to help.


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