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Pink Wedding Dress for Winton House

Kristy was such a good fun no work with… she had been recommended to come and see us from Blue Sky Photography. Kirsty has a degree in costume design, and alltough she does not work today with her costume degree, it is clear to see she has a lot of artistic flair and design skills she use in her work.

Kirsty had given a lot of thought to her dress, she brought in an amazing drawing and had a little scrap book with details and period features and things she wanted involved in her dress…. We LOVED it all and we were so so keen to get to work with Kirsty on this project.

We discussed Kirsty’s technical requirements of the dress, and we got to work. We sourced very fine pink silk chiffon with matching silk satin. The colour is called Peach Melba, and it is a pink, but it has a shade of peach to it, the colour suited her perfectly…. Next problem… how do we get a matching lace? Well I managed to dye it in my little alchemist kitchen, the colour turned out a very good match, in fact, it turned out quite 3 dimensional as the treads of the lace had different fiber content, which absorbed the colour differently.. We thought it made it very nice.

Then Kirsty asked for beading, and we sourced the same beading as was in her head dress, from Rene Walrus this was a mix of different shades of Swarovski pearls, crystals and beads… it took a while.

The dress had internal corset and internal lace up, and even though it looks like a very fine and light dress, which it is, but it has very many layers to blog out transparency and lines of the different internal layers. The dress had a detachable train at the back.

There was a small train on the dress also, which came up for the evening.

We loved being part of this wedding at Winton House Blue Sky photographed it all so well. if you would like to read more, have a look here Bluesky Photography Blog

All the best to Kirsty and Adam.

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