Wedding Dresses

Charlotte Top in Chantilly Lace


This top is made from beautiful Chantilly lace. The sleeves are three-quarter length, with scalloped edges around the sleeves and on the bottom edge of the top. The edges also have intricate art-deco style embellishment. It has a high neck and back, with the back being fastened by buttons and loops.



The Charlotte Top is a fitted Chantilly lace top with three-quarter length sleeves. Scalloped edges are present along the hem of the top and the cuffs. Additional beaded embellishment throughout creates a slight shimmery effect.

The top features a high scooped neckline that carries around to the back. The classic button and loop fastening is present down the back of the dress. This fastening although very common is successful in adding an extra bit of detail to the gown.

The under-layer of the garment doesn’t travel up as high as the neckline. This allows the lace to travel up further towards the neck. Creating an almost illusion neckline as the natural skin tone can still be seen below. This same effect is also present along the back of the Charlotte top creating the illusion of a backless gown without actually showing any skin. The incorporation of this detail allows for the bride to be respectfully covered without feeling too modest or hidden away.

Thicker lace detail is present at the waistline and end of the sleeves, creating the idea of a belt and cuffs. This detail adds some depth and shadow into the garment. The thicker waistline will allow for the garment to blend nicely with whichever skirt you may choose to style it alongside. Here the garment has been styled alongside the Avery Skirt.


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