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Leopard Face Mask with embellishment (black)


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Leopard face mask with embellishment (black)

This face mask in leopard print with embellishment made by Couture Dressmaker based in the heart of Edinburgh. Scotland.

We are making the Face Covers in Brightly coloured pure cotton Fabrics. They have double layer dense cotton and a filter. The Filter stitched in between the layers for hygienic protection. Therefore, no need to change filters. Having the filter built-in will minimise the touching of the face cover. The 3 layers are therefore making the Face Coverings both dense as well as breathable.

How to wear and care for your face mask

This face mask is most effective when securely fitted. Loop the elastic over the ears for comfortable wear. Fitting the mask snugly around the face is important. You can adjust the elastic to the right size.

Putting the face mask on with just one hand is very easy. This makes it easy for people with mobility issues to wear the Face Mask.

Washable at 40 degrees in a washing machine.  You will then tumble dry or line dry the face mask. Allowing the Face Covering to be re-usable and be worn many times.

Wearing a Fabric Face Mask helps prevents the spread of viruses and leaves the medical-grade Face Masks for the Medical staff.

Science says: “wear masks”

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