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Fingerless gloves black red


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Fingerless gloves black red

One of the best things about autumn and winter is all the amazing accessories we can have to keep us stylish and cosy.

We have been through all our fabrics and we have made this zero-waste range of fingerless gloves.

It works well for us we can make you lovely gloves and save the environment from more waste. You will have the opportunity for lovely gloves and only pay for the work involved. We even cover the postage in the price too.

The fingerless gloves black boucle is made in beautiful black pure wool boucle with black cotton velvet lining and faux fur edging in dark red and black.

The gloves are perfect for wearing in the winter with our jacket, coat, poncho or cape. We make the gloves so the fingers are free and therefore you never need to put your phone down at any time.

The gloves fit a hand size 18 cm, if you would like them bigger, please get in touch with us.

We have a range of gloves and you can see them all here. 

Freja Designer Dressmaking is a small multi-award winning dressmaking studio in the heart of Edinburgh. We have built our reputation on making wedding dresses and other occasion wear. Due to the  Covid crises, we now make face masks bags and pouches and other things we for selling online.

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Fingerless gloves black red Fingerless gloves black red

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