Wedding Dresses

Grace Mesh Top


This top can be added to a variety of dresses. It is a lovely minimalistic top, with tulle ruched shoulders which come down to the waist and attach to a satin belt. It can be added to a variety of dresses and it is pictured here with the Sophia dress.



The Grace Mesh Top is perfect for adding some coverage or detail to a variety of different dresses. Particularly suited to strapless gowns, the Grace top consists of two mesh panels arranged from the front to the back of the dress creating sleeves. The two mesh panels are attached around the waist of the garment by a belt and tied in a bow at the closure.

The closure of the top is a hook and bar at the back. This is however disguised by the bow detail overtop. This strategic design also allows for a detachable train to be added underneath the bow detail. This will again discretely cover the fact the outfit is made of separates but will allow easy removal if desired.

The Grace Mesh Top is personable. It can be adapted accordingly to match the dress it is being worn alongside. The belt material and colour as well as that of the mesh can be changed to suit.

We also allow embellishment to be added to the garment. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with any requests.

The grace top is a perfect garment to wear over top strapless gowns. This would be particularly useful when desiring a bit more coverage. Perhaps when in a church setting. This will however allow for easy removal as it is a separate garment. Meaning it can be worn during the ceremony but removed later in the evening to display a different look.

This is a simple way to change up the appearance of your outfit without having to buy a completely different dress.

Here the top is pictured alongside the Sophia Dress.


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