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Pale pink poplin pack for blouse


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Pale pink poplin pack for blouse

The pale pink poplin back for the blouse is created to get you started on the subscription for the blouse. The cotton poplin fabric is a lightweight, plain weave fabric made entirely from cotton fibres. It is known for its crisp texture, durability, and breathability.

When described as “pale pink,” it indicates that the fabric has been dyed a light shade of pink. This can range from a barely-there blush to a more saturated pastel hue.

Overall, pure cotton poplin fabric in pale pink would be a soft and breathable fabric with a crisp texture and a delicate, feminine colour. It would suit various clothing and accessory projects, from dresses and blouses to scarves and handkerchiefs.

It is a great fabric for the blouse, and you can see a blouse with Jabot made in just that fabric. The poplin is from Rose & Hubble.

you also get 30 cm H180 viline in white and one thread roll.

This is for our subscription; how to make a blouse, you can buy it here.


pale pink poplin pack for blouse pale pink poplin pack for blouse pale pink poplin for sewing course

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