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Pink feather print poplin for blouse


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Pink Feather print poplin for blouse

Feather print cotton poplin from Rose and Hubble is a type of fabric that features a printed design of feathers on a cotton poplin material. Cotton poplin is a tightly woven, durable cotton fabric that is known for its crisp, smooth texture and excellent drape.

The feather print design is created using a rotary screen printing technique, where ink is applied to the fabric through a screen with a pattern cut out. The result is a detailed and precise design that is resistant to fading and washing.

Rose and Hubble is a British fabric manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality printed cotton fabrics. Their feather print cotton poplin is popular for a variety of sewing and crafting projects, including clothing, home decor, and accessories.

in this pack you will also get 50 cm vilene H180 and a roll of thread to match. That should be what you need for your blouse project.

pink feather print poplin for blouse pink feather poplin for blouse

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