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Lilly Cape made from Chantilly Lace


This is a short cape made entirely from Chantilly lace. It is fitted at the neck and then drapes softly over the shoulders to the elbow. It has scalloped lace edges and a high neckline, with lace sitting at the base of the neck. It is fastened at the back by a button with a loop. It can be worn with any dress, top and skirt combination and here is it being worn with the Sophia dress.



Chantilly lace makes up the entirety of this short cape. The Lilly Cape has a fitted high neck that gradually travels down and drapes softly over the shoulder and down to the elbow. The scalloped edges of the garment adds to the flowing nature of its design. This same detail is also present at the base of the neck.

This garment is perfect for wearing over any dress or skirt and top combination from our Bridal by Freja collection. It has been photographed here alongside the Sophia Dress, a laced bodice strapless gown. Here, the Lilly Cape has added a lot of detail to the outfit and almost transformed the gown. This creates the impression of two outfits instead of one. As a result, the option of more coverage is provided. Therefore could be worn during the ceremony then removed later in the evening.

The garment has button and loop fastening at the back. This single closure button allows for the garment to continue to flow naturally and prevents it from restricting movement like it could if buttoned all the way down.

This garment is handmade in our small multi-award-winning dressmaking studio in the heart of Edinburgh. We encourage you to get in touch with any specific requests.


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