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Tweed Pyramid Purse


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Tweed Pyramid Purse

This little purse is great for a load of different uses. It is great as a to keep makeup articles from lying loose in your bag, you can use it for your charger, or pencils and highlighter pens, hair accessories, and many more things I am sure.

We make it in the lovely Abraham Moon check fabric. We line it with a lovely matching satin lining. The oversized fashion zip is a great feature. This tweed is one of our favourites. Abraham Moon is manufacturing in the UK from local wool. It’s woven into lovely tweeds for clothing and interiors. We have made lots of things from this tweed the coin purse with match a few other items in our range, such as this pencil case and this jacket with peplum.

The coin purse measures:

17 cm at the zip and 15.5 cm at the bottom.

In inches, that is 5.75 at the zip part and 5.5 at the bottom.

Freja Designer Dressmaking is a multi-award-winning dressmaking studio. We have pivoted during covid, and we have started making accessories including this tweed pyramid coin purse, along with wash bags and other things we can sell online while the country is in full or part lockdown. We have loved making these beautiful things which will spread joy and style in everyday lives.

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