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Re: Make summer workshop in Cromrie Croft

My Friend Fiona McGarva is a very talented lady, she is a recognised glass artist, Fiona McGarva and like me she is very interested in issues relating to both education and the environment.

It seemed a brilliant idea, that she together with her husband Danny Gilbert was to set up her company called Re:make. re:makescotland Re:make is a social enterprise. The main aim to educate people to get new skills and to learn to make new beautiful things out of old stuff, scraps or unwanted things.

Remake’s summer workshop programme was amazing lot of workshops to teach children and adults different skills and to experience the satisfaction of creating something from the idea to finish, from scraps or unwanted things.

My educational background is from the Danish Free school system. Schools, which are curriculum and exam free. My personal opinion is that only by moving away from curriculum and let children (and adults) have access to tools and materials, only then can they move on to develop creative skills and invent things. The way the world is today, this is the most important skill anyone could achieve.

Well with all this background i was very proud when Fiona asked me if I wanted to come and teach at a workshop at Comrie Croft in the summer workshop programme.

I chose the subject “Boutique Broaches” and i could not believe how talented my pupils were, they all made at least 2 broaches and they were all gorgeous and perfectly wearable.

I want to share a feel of the day with you with these photographs. For me, it was a very different day, and very rewarding to work with such lovely ladies.









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