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Silk Chiffon dress with rose gold details for beautiful Autumn wedding

Silk chiffon contrasting with rose gold lace for Kimberley’s dress

We made a bespoke wedding dress out of silk chiffon for the bride of this unusually colorful wedding. Kimberley didn’t change her mind at all during the process, because she was set in what style of dress she wanted from the moment she first met with us. Kimberley designed her future wedding dress when she was younger. Despite not being a teenager anymore, she was still interested in the same sort of design some years later. She brought the picture to us, and the dress we made ended up almost identical to what she wanted as a teenager.
We think it was fate!

The dress

The dress had a high collar, long sleeves and a low back, with lots of rose gold lace details to fit what she wanted. It was a classy dress for a beautiful wedding. There were more rose gold lace details wrapping around a circle skirt and the end of the sleeves. We did the skirt with a train per her request. The silk chiffon and rose gold lace combo really made it special.

Hair was done beautifully by Irene at Vincent Bell, which is local. The bride had an up-do with a rose gold comb, to match her ear cuff. Rene Walrus made the ear cuff and comb, and she had makeup done simply but all the more stunning, by Heather Snowie.

Edinburgh Academy was the venue for the wedding, an independent school with lovely grounds. The guests sat in a big marquee, on the grounds for the reception. Stuart and Kimberley wanted a fun and bright theme, which Carnival Chaos planned for them. The happy couple had bright and colorful flowers, which certainly went well with their theme. Whitehouse Flowers provided and arranged the flowers and sodexo catered the food and drink for the wedding.

Annie Lovett kindly gave us access to the beautiful photographs.

The entire reception had a fun and happy vibe, which we thought suited them well. It was a pleasure meeting Kimberley and making the dress of her dreams.


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