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Wedding dress belts

Wedding dress belts is something I love to talk about. Should I have a belt or not a belt? In this article, I will give you some information, to help you make a decision.  However, the decision is yours and best of all, we have so many options to chose from.

What you may not know is that in bridal wear belts often have a function. In other words, we need belts: either to obtain a certain style or to cover-up and to give a finishing touch. I will tell you all about it.

Belts can either be made so they are integrated on the dress.  In other words, the belt will still look like a belt, but it will be fixed and attached to the dress. Usually, it will go into the dress fastening at the back. This fastening can be a zip fastening or it can be buttons and loops.  Similarly, it works with a laced up finish.  Alternatively, the belt can be tied in a knot. It can fasten with buttons or fixed in another way, separately to the dress.

Belts on tops and jackets

A belt can often be used to cover the join on the dress between the bodice and the skirt. The join can sometimes look quite hard. You can also experience a tiny colour difference between bodice and skirt. Because, even if we have made it in the same fabric,  the bodice may be interlined and have structure along with boning. This can make a tiny difference in the shade, so the belt is a great feature for covering this up.

A belt can also cover up seams where the bodice is lace and the skirt is plain fabric, it often will look more finished having a belt covering up the unsightly seam allowances.

We also use a belt detail if the bride would like a softer blouse style top.  The belt will “fix” the top on the bride. Most brides like loose flowy things but it’s a challenge to get that look to stay put on the body. Specifically, as the last thing you want is a bridal cover-up that moves and you feel you need to adjust and fiddle with. The belt can help that, and make it fixed on top of what else the bride is wearing.

Belts on skirts

A belt can have the function of holding a detachable overskirt. So to illustrate, we make lovely wedding dresses with slim pencil style skirts. We then add a soft overlay skirt on top, attached to a belt. With this idea, the skirt can come off later and you have the slimmer skirt for the reception.

But we use the same technique for a big overskirt in a solid fabric. This gives a really dramatic look but retains the lightness.

Belts to hold a train

This idea works also for a full train or long train.

We have made many dresses where we attach buttons on the inside of the belt. The buttons are hidden and sit on the side that sits towards the bride’s body. Then we make a train with little loops or buttonholes.

How can wedding dress belts be made?

We make belts in all kinds of materials. It all depends on how you would like them to look: Sharp, fixed, or light and fluffy. Best of all, so many options.

We would often make them the actual skirt material. We would usually cut that on the bias. (this is when the grain of the fabric runs on a 45-degree angle).  This will allow the belt to be flexible as well as more pliable on the bride’s body.

A belt in a contrast fabric will also be a lovely design detail. With contrast, I mean a different colour, but it could also be a contrasting texture. Like a shiny belt on a matte dress. or a thin mesh or chiffon on a heavily textured fabric. This contrast will look great, and be a great design feature.

How wide and what shape?

The belt can be all different widths. Often we would decide that at the fittings. Some brides like and suit a narrow belt. Some brides suit a wider belt.  A very wide belt can almost look like its an empire line cut dress. For the wider wedding dress belts, we can shape it the belt.  Making a shaped wider belt which comes up in an upside-down V between the boobs, like the Rikke top, so it looks almost like it cups the bust.  This works very well on some body types.

We can also make a belt which is wider at the side and goes more narrow towards the centre. This style for instance can create the illusion of a slimmer waist on a girl with a more “ruler” shaped body.

We love belt buckles

There is so much choice when it comes to belt buckles. We can buy in belt buckles. We can even cover a buckle in the fabric of your dress or other fabric. The buckle can be, either round, oval, rectangle, or square. Buckles can be with or without a prong, if you go for the prong we can make lovely little eyelets for the prong to fit through. I think this works very well with 50es style wedding dresses especially. In other words, so much choice for belts with buckles on your dress.

Wedding dress belts with bows

We can also finish the belt with a bow. First, this could be a soft bow you tie yourself. Second, it can be a fixed hard Dior style bow. Last, a fixed bow looking like a bow tie. We have sometimes made large oversize bows in crisp silk, they look great and much fun. Consequently, it all depends on how you would like the overall dress to look.

A simple ribbon can be used if it’s just a very narrow belt. Most often we make the belt. We cut and stitch it from fabric,  as it is much easier to curve and stay flat. Any belt we make can be embellished and details added.

Embroidered, beaded and embellished wedding dress belts

We have a very large selection of crystal wedding dress belts and crystal motifs. The motifs mounts on a fabric belt. It can be silk satin or tulle or any material really.  There is so much choice with this kind of thing. We have so many options some examples are crystals, pearls, florals, geometrics, and decorations inspired by different eras. All those changes with all the different fashions all the time. We can be sure to find something you like.

If you go for a lace dress, lace belts will often be made with the edgings of the lace. Many lace designs come with lovely scalloped edgings we can use that for belt effects. In some cases, we cut out parts of the lace and add it on to the belt, and sometimes we will buy an actual edging to match the lace we use.


Therefore, as you can see, you can have almost any design of belt you would like on your dress. We much look forward to discussing your requirements.

Photos of so many different wedding dress belts

Wedding Dress Belts

Deep Belt with crystal embellishment. attached to the bridal jacket. Photo by


Wedding Dress Belts

The bridal jacket with a deep belt with crystal embellishment. Photo by Blue Sky Photography

Wedding Dress Belts

Deep belt with big silk bow. Photography by JHY_photo

Wedding Dress Belts

Tartan belt detail cut on the bias on this lovely bridal jumpsuit

wedding dress belts

this wedding dress belt, pulls all the details together, Photo by Roslyn Gaunt Photography

Silk wedding dress with vintage lace

Silk dupion dress with a deep belt of silk satin in sea pearl colour. The belt is incorporated on the dress and fixed at the back Photo by The Curries

wedding dress belts

this lovely belt is made in tulle and has a hand-beaded and knotted belt. photo by Giles Atkinson Photography

silk zibeline dress and bridesmaid

crystal belts on bridesmaid and wedding dress photo by Duke Photography

Wedding Dress Belts

The narrow incorporated belt on silk crepe wedding dress Photo by Duncan Holmes Photography

wedding dress belts

embellished tulle top with beaded belt. The top is detachable on the dress. photo by Photography by Duncan Holmes

wedding dress belts

Belt with crystal motif on to of silk satin silk chiffon dress Photography by Duncan Holmes

silk organza, Wedding dress Belt

Crystal embellishment mounted on aqua green belt with bow and sashes at the back photo by Stephen Mccluskey Photography

silk organza

crystal embellishment mounted on aqua coloured silk photo by Stephen Mcclusky

Silk organza dress with chantilly lace and bow

Belt attached to Chantilly lace jacket and ties in a bow. photo by Mack_photo

wedding dress belts

4 piece wedding dress with a train attached to the bridal belt Photographed by First Light Photography


Wedding Dress Belts

4 piece wedding dress, the train is attached to a belt and can come off Photographed by First Light Photography

wedding dress belts

fine silk ribbon belt on delicate chantilly lace top. Photography by Blue Sky Photography

wedding dress Belts

Narrow silk douppion belt on top of Harris Tweed for coloured wedding dress photography by Lynne Kennedy Photography

Wedding Dress Belts

crystal belt mounted on slightly darker shade silk and lace scallop edging. Photographed by First Light Photography,

wedding dress belts

simple silk ribbon belt on a wedding dress with a little Dior style bow Photo by Crofts & Kowalczyk

Rikke Mesh Top, Wedding Seperates, wedding topper, wedding cover up

deep belt coming up towards the bust. Photo by Firstlight Wedding Photography

wedding dress belts

blue ruched chiffon belt on ivory dress. photo by Ryan White Photography

wedding dress belts

lovely victorian lilac dress with silk satin belt with floral and lace and feather decoration. photography by Nicholas Frost

wedding dress belts

wedding dress with a fixed bow at the back photo by Elemental Photography

Tartan silk belt on wedding dress

belt with organza and bias-cut tartan silk

Integrated wedding dress belt

deep silk belt incorporated to the dress photo by Suzanne Black

Green silk dress with satin belt and beaded lace

Green silk dress with satin belt and beaded lace photo by Michaela Bodlovic


Thanks to First Light, Blue Sky Photography, Michaela Bodlovic, Photography by Duncan Holmes, Suzanne Black Photography, Nicholas Frost Photography, Elemental Photography, Ryan White Photography, Crofts & Kowalzyck for the photos

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