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Women Supporting Each Other

Here is a little piece about 4 women who came together to work and supporting each other:

Once in a while, like a lunar eclipse or a blue moon, a dynamic shift occurs. Two forces join together. Combined, they have the potential to create an exciting change. Freja Designer Dressmaking, based in Edinburgh is a women-run business and Vows Wedding Gown Awards Finalist. Shelley Grierson, a Ms Great Britain Finalist for 2019/2020 teamed up recently with the Freja team. They wanted to work together, on raising the profile of women in business, and in particular within the fashion and beauty industries.

For Mette, the owner of Freja Designer Dressmaking and FSB member, her focus is on providing the ultimate customer experience. Her work is an extension of her mantra – helping to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. For Mette, her experience and direction in the wedding fashion industry have helped her to recognise the common insecurities that women have about their bodies. A cancer survivor herself, Mette knows a thing or two about inner strength.

Ms Great Britain

A similar attitude underpins Ms Great Britain. It is a new category of the national pageant Miss Great Britain but is more inclusive than historic categories. In previous years, the contest had age, marital and parental limitations that prevented women from taking part. This year however with the introduction of the inaugural ‘Ms’ category. It is the first year that there is no upper age limit for women to participate. The shift has come from pageant organisers, who historically was looking for solely for “models”, to now aligning more with changing public perceptions of beauty, and seeking to provide young women with real, relatable “role models” instead.

Having had her own wedding dress designed and made by the Freja team this year, Shelley has happily joined forces with Mette to focus on a women-in-business initiative. With the pageant finale airing on television in February from Leicester, Freja is also debuting a bespoke evening gown made for Shelley, especially for the pageant.

Encourage women to grow

“It’s just such an exciting time for us to be involved in this corner of the industry. It really is boom time in terms of highlighting women in fashion and beauty and redefining our old misconceptions about them. We are both very much on the same page with wanting to highlight the achievements of women in this industry in the UK, and also to focus on the fact that beauty and aging aren’t mutually exclusive” says Shelley.

The two women paired up and decided to create tangible examples of their work together. Collaborating with two other local Edinburgh women. Rosie from That Rosie Glow, who specialises in hair and beauty services, and Ashley-Liv Jamieson, a wedding photographer. The team took to the streets of Edinburgh to photograph some of the award-winning gowns, modeled by Miss Grierson.

Mette quote…..One silk thread has strength but weaves many threads together and therefor a powerful impression can be produced. Based on that analogy, I regularly welcome interns into my creative space.

Here, the women I share my studio with, are motivated and encouraged to attain their potential and support each other on that journey. And like those silk threads, I encourage them to connect with each other, connect with the fabric and present unique garments of substance and character. 

Outside of work

Beyond the award wins and the build-up to the pageant final, the ladies take the essence of their mentorship through into their personal lives. Shelley, a Linkedin Ladies host in the South East, runs regular events for local women to meet, network, and gain an entry platform into speaking. It is also a group that provides access to mentorship for supporting more women into leadership roles within a business.

After hours, Mette loves keeping fit, by running and swimming in the wild. She also enjoys riding her Ducati Motorbike

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