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Dresses for Flower Girls

Many of you may not know that we also make dresses for Flower Girls. We have done throughout the past 10 years or so. Not everyone has flower girls at their weddings now so the service isn’t always required. We think it is so lovely when they do have them though.

The Dresses

Typically people go for the ‘wedding colours’ in the flower girl dresses or match them in with the bridal party. You can do whatever you want for a flower girl dress, it will always look sweet.

We’ve done bridal mini me’s, dresses with colourful ribbons and embellishments. Big dramatic bows are some of our favourite styles to do, especially on the really little dresses, they look fantastic.

We always recommend ordering in advance so we can make sure to have all the fabrics and embellishments ready. Especially if you are matching to your own bespoke wedding gown (fabrics can be discontinued or become unavailable).

However, we measure and make as close to the wedding as possible since children grow so quickly. We want to ensure that the dress fits properly on the big day so this is the best way to move forward. Growth not only effects height but also proportions so unlike our bridal fittings we like to have them quite close together before the big day rather than spread out in advance of the wedding.


Read more about our flower girl service,¬†book your first appointment! We will be re-opening our workshop on the 3rd January 2024, we can’t wait to see you all in the new year!

Here are some of the lovely dresses we’ve done over the years (we were ahead of the coquette bow trend)! We also have a Pinterest board with our gorgeous flower girl dresses featured too, why not start creating your own for inspiration!

Photo credits to Craig and Eva Sanders


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