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Who said brides had to wear dresses. Jumpsuit Brides are some of our ultimate favourites. The chic spin on your classic bridal look has been so popular this past year, we are obsessed with our brides and can’t wait to see more in 2024. Could a jumpsuit be your ideal bridal look,


Jumpsuits are definitely not for everyone but they are so effortlessly beautiful when worn right.

One thing to think about with the jumpsuit is how the top and bottom go together. Do you want wide leg or cigarette style trousers. Maybe you want a corset bodice with Bardot style sleeves or a high neck floatier top. Will the trouser portion be high waist, mid or low rise? Will you have cropped trousers or opt for the flowing palazzo style.


Next is fabrics, do you want to have the same fabric throughout, how do you want it to fit/move on your body? Are you going for lightweight or something with a bit more structure? These are all questions to ask yourself. We can of course give you advice on dressing for your body shape and what fabrics would compliment you best but its good to get an idea of what you like before we start the process.


You also need to think about what purpose your jumpsuit has, do you want pockets? maybe a detachable train or removable belt. You may have a skirt or top overlay to differentiate the ceremony and evening. Are you wearing heels, will this effect trouser length…

We are hoping to see more jumpsuit brides in the future, it is such a modern yet classy twist on a bridal look.

Some people may not want a jumpsuit for the whole day so this makes the perfect afterparty/dinner outfit change too! We would love to do a colourful jumpsuit bride for 2024, maybe a deep blue or rich emerald green. Lets see what the future holds for us.

Here are some of our beautiful jumpsuit brides for you to see;

Photo credits to Karol Makula Photography, Claire Fleck Photography and FD Young Photography

jumpsuit bride in the highlands silk jumpsuit for wedding

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