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Minimalist vintage style in Glasgow

Minimalist vintage style in Glasgow

We couldn’t be happier when we heard from Kirsty with a request to make her wedding dress.

We had already met her as she had been a bridesmaid for one of our previous wonderful brides, and another one in her circle of friends had also worked with us.

Recommendations for something as big as a wedding dress is always an honour.

Kirsty had really good ideas for her dress—tasteful, minimalist vintage style in Glasgow, and suitable for her autumn wedding date.

She is great with planning and organisation and had her dress ideas and wedding plans firmly in place a year in advance. It is something we like and recommend. It is beneficial to plan a wedding when the weather, temperature, light, skin tone, and so many other seasonal factors are the same as at the wedding.

That dress!

Kirsty wanted a simple silhouette with a boat neck on the front and a deep V-neck on the back. She chose a lovely vintage-style lace for the neckline, sleeve hem and skirt hem. It was beautiful how it lined her neck and the deep -V-neck on the back. And the lace added a cute sleeve detail, too.  A very understated belt on the waist, trimmed with beads really emphasizes her slim waist and great figure.

The dress had a long train, ¾ length sleeves, cute lace, and button details. We made several bustles for her dress to come up at night for the dancing.

Kirsty’s fabric choice is one of my very favourite silks. It is pure silk crepe, and it is so luxurious. The silk has several names, sometimes called marocain. It became trendy after Meghan Markel’s understated wedding dress.  We love the handle of this fabric. It is so beautiful it works so well for simple and minimalist styles.

We love Kirsty’s final look. The minimalist – vintage-inspired dress. Styling her hair with a soft wave on the day and held back with an Alice band we made in the dress fabrics completed the look. Kirsty has a friend who collects vintage jewellery. Kirsty was offered a loan of any piece; it was a generous gesture, and I loved seeing the details and helping decide the best option. It added to the general classic styling. Kirsty chose aquamarine, which is what they stand for in the language of gemstones.


“In the gemstone language, aquamarines represent hope, happiness, and everlasting youth. They have a harmonising effect on couples, helping them ensure a long and happy marriage.” How beautiful!

The couple spent time in the streets of Glasgow’s west end, their former University, which meant a lot to them both. The sleek and comfortable dress style looks incredible, making it easy for Kirsty to be a “bride in the wild”, as she says while enjoying this casual wander. “I will always remember being out and about in our finery.” I love that they took time out to be a married couple and have fun like that.

The suppliers

Tasha Leung was the celebrant; like us, she was chosen very early in the planning.

Kirsty has some great taste, which is clear in her choice of suppliers.

The wedding was held in Oran Mor, flowers by Lisa Gaston Floral Menagerie, Hair by Chloe Mclean at Casa Salon Collective and Makeup by Danielle Dickson.

Thank you so much to John Clark Photography, for letting us use his lovely work.

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