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Reworking mum’s wedding dress

The Dress

We see a lot of brides who request reworking their mum’s wedding dress for their big day. We can do this, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Most women are typically a different size from their mum. Therefore, it often means that the dress is too long or short, and the bust is too big or small. The dress can occasionally be in poor condition due to not being stored correctly or cleaned before being put away.

Ali came to us with the idea of reworking her mum’s wedding dress. Despite the above, this dress was lovely and in excellent condition. The lace on her mum’s dress was beautiful, so we used it to make a beaded lace bolero for Ali to wear over her own wedding dress.

For Ali’s dress, we made her a strapless dress with a half-circle skirt and functional pockets in the side seams.  The lace looked great on top, and it could have been her something old and something borrowed. The Bolero is something she can keep and wear for years to come.  Ali’s dress was made in cotton tulle; this material gives an organic feel with a soft movement. Sometimes, you may find man-made tulle with a much more rigid feel. The cotton tulle worked perfectly with the lace bolero, and both complimented each other.

The Wedding

The wedding was held outdoors at Dalmunzie Estate, Glenshee. Ali’s dress was soft and vintage-looking, perfectly complementing the scenery of the Highlands.

The couple have travelled far and wide, living all over the world. Their dear friends travelled from all over to participate in this stunning Scottish countryside wedding. It is so special to have friends like this!

Thanks to Ashley Coombes Photography for taking the lovely photographs. What a beautiful day in the Scottish Highlands.

repurposed lace bolero from mum's dress

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