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Pre-Lockdown Photoshoot

With there being so much uncertainty following many of the weddings we had planned we have found ourselves with a bit of free time we wouldn’t normally have. Although daunting at first, the slow down of pace allowed us to work closer with fellow creatives in our field. A pre-lockdown photoshoot helped us do this.

We absolutely love an opportunity to be creative with fellow colleagues.  It’s hard to find time in a busy diary to play and do new things, and explore. Therefore, we jumped at the opportunity.

Taking full advantage we decided to work alongside the amazing photographer Jasmin Bauer to photograph some of our Bridal by Freja Collection. We worked in collaboration with bridal jewellery designer Rene Walrus to showcase our work simultaneously during this pre-lockdown photoshoot.

Our model, hairstylist and make-up artist That Rosie Glow helped us achieve such an effortless and fun shoot. The opportunity allowed us to showcase our designs, express our creativity whilst working fellow creatives. The photoshoot took place in the safety of our own workspace.

It was so nice to have the opportunity to carryout a pre-lockdown photoshoot alongside some of our beloved suppliers. The photoshoot was held in February before we were put into lockdown so no rules were broker.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in trying on any of the garments showcased at the photoshoot. Also don’t hesitate to reach out to Jasmine Bauer, Rene Walrus or That Rosie Glow to see more of their work.

pre-lockdown photoshoot pre-lockdown photoshoot


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