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Edinburgh University Tartan Dress

A stunning Edinburgh University tartan dress.

The Dress

Patricia’s outfit consisted of a two-piece with a short knee-grazing georgette skirt on the bottom and a corset-style bodice on top. The bodice is made up of tartan and chantilly lace. The chantilly lace muted the colours of the tartan on the bodice, which helped them pop on the sleeves. Additionally, the lace is similar to the style on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, which is popular and super elegant. Short dresses are something we don’t do a lot of. However, we love them and wish we did more!!

The Tartan

The couple met when they were both studying at Edinburgh University. Patricia knew she wanted to include the university’s tartan in her dress, so this was incorporated into the bodice. This is such a unique addition. The tartan’s colours are really vibrant, which is perfect as it still shows through the lace. The tartan is the start of the show (after the bride and groom) as it adds an element of fun to the outfit, non-traditional but equally as beautiful.

We have created a few outfits for brides with tartan features and always love how they turn out. Some people incorporate small details in their outfits, and some prefer larger pieces that stand out as the main feature. The couple matched; the groom wore the Edinburgh University Tartan in his kilt, tie, and detail on his socks. It is such a unique addition with lots of meaning for the customer.

When designing the dresses, we love these small details and their meanings. The details incorporated into the design will always spark conversation, and what a lovely memory you can share with others.

The couple got married in Europe, with two separate weddings: one in Germany, where Patricia is from, and one in France, where her now-husband is from. How lucky they are to have two weddings, double the celebration, filled with love!! These photos are from their German wedding date; the couple look so lovely and happy.


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