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Borthwick Castle Wedding

Stunning dress at Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle is a beautiful venue, and so needed a beautiful dress. This beautiful bride came to me with ideas of nude-champagne colours, gold thread, beaded embellishments and silk mesh. This was altogether in a soft layered textured combination for her beautiful wedding dress.

We absolutely love the results.

I want to show you a little about how the dress was constructed. As it had many layers, we, therefore, had to make the dress in stages. We started with the silk base and then added the beaded lace over the skirt. Then on the dummy, we draped the silk mesh over the bodice. Once that fitted our bride, we finished it on all the edges and by hand attached all the embellishments.

The shoulders had silk mesh capes, which were attached to embellished motifs. The silk capes buttoned on to the shoulders, and they could be removed for dancing. The bride had an extra set of motifs without the mesh capes on, to put on for the evening.

The result was stunning.

Above is a photograph of the dress while being constructed in the workshop, and then the absolutely stunning photography from Enchanted brides, who captured this beautiful December day, at Borthwick Castle. When I heard the groom was pretty big, I thought of the official outfitter to the Scottish national rugby team, Roseberry Tailoring. They have a great service – we recommend them!

This was such a wonderful dress to work on, we all loved it and it came to life in only a few weeks. I became really fond of both the bride and groom for this wedding, last one for 2017, and I thank them a lot for letting me share their special day with you, and the same thanks go to the Photographer for the stunning work.

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